Successful results within the framework of the ILO South/South and Triangular Cooperation Program

With the support of the ILO Program for South-South and Triangular Cooperation, the Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP) for Latin America and the Caribbean successfully completed all the activities and products scheduled to be carried out during the biennium 2022-2023, among which the following stand out:

  • Regional South-South Cooperation Workshop : “Development of Digital Services in Business Organizations to support SMEs” , which took place in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 14 and 15, 2023 at the headquarters of the Union Industrial Argentina, at its Industry X Center.

This Workshop generated a space for the dissemination of knowledge among business organizations (OOEE) in Latin America and had the participation of representatives from: Argentina (Argentine Industrial Union), Bolivia (Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia), Chile (Chamber of Commerce of Osorno), Colombia (National Association of Industrialists), Costa Rica (Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of the Private Business Sector – UCCAEP and the Chamber of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica – CRECEX), Honduras (Honduran Council of Private Enterprise, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Choloma), Mexico (Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States and Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco),Peru (National Confederation of Private Business Institutions and Peru SME Association), and Uruguay (Uruguay Chamber of Industries).

Likewise, there were virtual participants in the plenary sessions. With this hybrid format, the aim was to increase access to presentations by other OOEEs and focus on digital.

It should be noted that the OOEEs represented included sector leaders, as well as top-level OOEEs. This diversity fostered the exchange of ideas between different types and levels of OOEE. The participants were invited under criteria of representation of their regions (Southern Cone, Andean Countries, and Central America), for their experiences in offering digital services to their members and/or for having carried out a digital transformation within their OOEE. Likewise, the OOEEs that present case studies in the report “Where are the business organizations on the journey towards digitization” were invited? A look at Latin America. In addition, the National Confederation of Industry (CNI-Brasil) attended virtually to share their experiences on the subject of digital lobbying

To access the report of this activity (in Spanish), click here .

  • Digital Platform (available in Spanish and English): “ Sharing our experience in Digitization ” created with the purpose of making known in a didactic and interactive way how business organizations in Latin America are taking steps on the path of digital transformation . With the aim of promoting peer learning also with English-speaking countries, the platform is also available in English ( Let’s share our experience in Digitization ). This tool has turned out to be a key resource to promote the digitization of business organizations.



All these achievements have been possible with the collaboration of the ILO’s South-South and Triangular Cooperation Program, which has made it possible to strengthen the institutional capacities of business organizations in Latin America through the generation of these important spaces to share experiences between the OOEE of the “South”.