High-Level Policy Dialogue in South Africa

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a global advocate for high-quality apprenticeships, recognizing their importance in promoting decent work and reducing unemployment, especially among youth. In June 2023, during the 111th International Labour Conference, the ILO adopted a groundbreaking recommendation on quality apprenticeships, emphasizing collaboration at international, regional, and national levels to elevate apprenticeship standards and promote recognition of apprenticeship qualifications.

The world of work is rapidly changing due to factors like technology, climate change, and demographic shifts. Apprenticeships are seen as a solution to address these challenges by providing practical skills and wages. South Africa is modernizing its apprenticeship programs to prepare its youth for the evolving job market.

The ILO’s SSTC project brought together policymakers from China, Ethiopia, India, and South Africa to discuss and build capacity for quality apprenticeships. This initiative aimed to improve national apprenticeship regulations through policy dialogue and capacity building.

Here you can find a report from the field.