ILO Turkey and Colombia e-learning course on promoting decent work for refugees

elearning TURK / COL

Turkey and Colombia are the largest refugee-hosting countries in the world. In order to promote decent work for refugees and migrants in the context of covid 19, ILO-Turkey and Colombia are conducting a triangular south-south cooperation (TSC) initiative through three-week e-learning courses to share good practices between the two countries.

Turkey hosts 4 million refugees, making it the world’s largest refugee-hosting country for the seventh consecutive year. The vast majority, some 3.6 million, are from Syria, while 400,000 are from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Colombia hosts more than 1.7 million refugees and migrants from Venezuela due to the country’s complex socio-economic and political situation.

Refugees and migrants can make an important contribution to their host country. Their participation in the labour force contributes to local economies, can give meaning to their lives, and can strengthen the skills needed to build their country when they can safely return.

It is therefore crucial that governments strive to foster this potential, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic which has significantly deteriorated the socio-economic situation of refugees and migrants. Due to the pandemics, migrants and refugees have faced increasing difficulties in accessing decent work and meeting their basic needs, both in Colombia and Turkey, also because they often lack access to social protection coverage…..

This three-week tailor-made e-learning course is organised in the framework of the project “Promoting Decent Work in Refugee and Mixed Migration Contexts: A Triangular South-South Cooperation (TSSC) Initiative between Turkey and Colombia”. In line with the project’s objectives, this training aims to provide participants with knowledge, tools and new approaches on how to improve labour market governance, promote inclusive employment policies and extend social protection coverage at the time of Covid-19.

The course note can be consulted in Turkish and  Spanish

The press release on the e-learning course can be consulted here.