Starting Now! New South-South initiative focus on ILO’s Action Programmes 2024-2025

South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC) are complementary development cooperation modalities to deliver on the ILO’s programme of work. The ILO invests RBTC (Regular Budget Technical Cooperation) into SSC. This is a unique and strategic source of funding that must deliver special value-adding results and impact by using the SSC modality to promote and implement the ILO’s results.

For the upcoming Biennium, initiatives approaching different areas will be implemented to leverage South-South Cooperation (SSC) and triangular cooperation within the scope of the ILO.  With the RBTC allocation, both Global, ITC Turin and Region will be benefited.

Regarding the global projects, the Biennium allocation will support results under Outcomes A and 8. More specifically, initiatives will add efforts to the formalisation of the informal economy, in addition to gender equality and support to the multilateral system. In terms of the ITC Turin initiatives, the RBTC allocation will support Outcome A, by leveraging Just Transitions. Moreover, in relation to Region, the allocation will be focused on areas such as the transition and formalisation of the informal economy, together with the promotion of Decent Work (in Africa), South-South experience sharing, and response to climate impact on the labour market (in Asia Pacific).

In addition, in the Arab States, the initiatives will bring attention to cooperation for just transition and approach gender equality in the case of care workers. Just transitions will also be leveraged in Europe, with initiatives related to knowledge sharing and peer learning. Finally, for the Americas, the RBTC allocation will be utilised to reinforce the development of skills and lifelong learning and bring attention to child labour in the region. Read more!