ASIA - DELHI : Resettling Apprenticeship system SSTC

Promoting quality apprenticeship in India, South Africa, Chine, Ethiopia and Switzerland through South-South and Triangular Cooperation

Participating countries include India, China, South Africa, Ethiopia and Switzerland. The organizations in these countries involved in the proposed project will include major stakeholders in the apprenticeship ecosystem, which are the government ministries, the workers’ and employers’ organization and the other key organizations as identified by the nodal ministries

High-level Policy Dialogue and Capacity Building Workshop on Quality Apprenticeship - South Africa, July 31 to August 4, 2023

Promoting quality apprenticeship in India, South Africa, China, Ethiopia, and Switzerland - A South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC)

The High-level Policy Dialogue brought together senior policymakers from China, Ethiopia, India, and South Africa to comprehensively explore Quality Apprenticeship. This event comprised a series of Policy Dialogues, each delving into key aspects of the subject. These senior policymakers actively engaged in discussions, sharing their countries' practices and experiences to shape the future of apprenticeship programs. 

The event focused on three main areas: Making Apprenticeship Attractive,  Apprenticeship Benefits for SMEs Role of Sector Skill Bodies: