Module 3 - Job creation, skills, climate change and just transitions: a focus on South-South cooperation

a. Introductory Text
Under the overarching theme “Job creation, skills, climate change and just transitions: a focus on South-South cooperation”, this elective module will constitute an opportunity to demonstrate the collective response of the UN to relevant provisions of the SDGs and the Paris agreement on climate change, and its capacity to facilitate South-South cooperation and an exchange of experiences on sustainable jobs in the light of climate change and green job creation.
Employment, environmental and social development are essential and closely interrelated dimensions of sustainable development. Such an integrated approach turns the drive towards environmental sustainability into a significant avenue for development, with more and better jobs, social inclusion and poverty reduction. The opportunities for gains may in fact be greatest in developing countries and emerging economies. This is why South-South and Triangular Cooperation exchanges are being promoted in this field.
This module introduces South-South experiences in knowledge sharing through approaches based on the creation of global and regional networks of practitioners, researchers and training institutions as well as promoting intervention models and programmes in the area of Employment Intensive Investment Programmes (EIIP), taking into account the challenges and opportunities relating to the global response to climate change and the advancement of just transitions in labour markets.
Participants will learn about innovative technologies and learning approaches as well as mutually beneficial collaborations among countries in the South. These will be combined with case studies, practical experiences and policy instruments that are relevant in the evolving landscape of the world of work.
b. Videos

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