South South Subregional Tripartite Workshop: Promoting Forward Thinking Normative Strategies through South South Cooperation

This subregional tripartite workshop forms part of a pilot project that attempts to combine for the first time South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) with the promotion of ILS, good governance and labour market institutions for Decent Work and sustainable development. A special focus is placed on countries about to graduate from LDC status. The workshop also aims to showcase how international labour standards and economic development can be mutually reinforcing objectives in pursuit of sustainable development, enabling everyone to benefit from the fruits of economic progress in pursuit of decent work and social justice.

Countries in the global south have a need to build solid labour market institutions based on international labour standards and good governance in support of decent work and sustainable development. Labour market institutions are essential in order to navigate the challenges associated to an open world economy and sustain development trajectories through robust labour market governance. This is true especially in the case of countries graduating from LDC status as this process entails loss of preferential treatment in relation to trade, finance and investment. In Asia, this concerns inter alia, Bangladesh and Nepal which graduate from LDC status on 24 November 2026.

Concept Note is available here.