South-South Cooperation for Decent Work in Africa: A Framework for Action (ILO, 2017)

This paper was commissioned by the ILO Regional Office for Africa (ROAF) with the intention to develop a framework for ILO’s engagement in support of South-South cooperation (SSC), in areas that are related to the Decent Work Agenda in Africa. Based on questionnaires sent to all ILO constituents in the 54 African member States, interviews with relevant institutions and partners, and extensive desk review of literature and websites on SSC, this paper is divided into two parts:

  • Part I provides an overview of the status, modalities and actors of South-South and triangular cooperation in Africa, and of the role of African institutions, the UN and the ILO in fostering SSC in Africa.
  • Part II presents the parameters and content of the proposed ILO Framework on South-South Cooperation for Decent Work in Africa.

The document was validated during the Tripartite Validation Workshop held in Casablanca, Morocco (12 May 2017).

Download: South-South Cooperation for Decent Work in Africa A Framework for Action Draft