July 29, 2021

    SEE YOU SOON / 5th World Forum of Local Economic Development.

    Dear participant of the V WFLED, We would like to thank you for your participation in the V World Forum of Local Economic Development. The V WFLED has been a great success with more than 12,000 participants in the 35 […]
    July 23, 2021

    BRICS commitment to jobs, social protection & social dialogue welcomed by ILO

    ILO Director-General Guy Ryder has welcomed the commitment made by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (the BRICS countries) to take more action to support labour markets in meeting the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 . In remarks  to the sixth BRICS Labour […]
    June 30, 2021
    elearning TURK / COL

    ILO Turkey and Colombia e-learning course on promoting decent work for refugees

    Turkey and Colombia are the largest refugee-hosting countries in the world. In order to promote decent work for refugees and migrants in the context of covid 19, ILO-Turkey and Colombia are conducting a triangular south-south cooperation (TSC) initiative through three-week […]
    June 29, 2021

    BRICS formalization : knowledge development series

    The BRICS formalization knowledge series , with a South-South approach, held virtually from July-August 2021, aims to promote South-South cooperation between the BRICS countries on the transition to formality from informality. Don’t miss key sessions on 3-5 August 2021; 10-12 […]
    June 25, 2021

    South-South cooperation and financing decent work

    Several countries, especially emerging economies and developing countries, share similar socio-economic conditions and face the same type of challenges related to sustainable socioeconomic development. Different countries often face common hazards and similar vulnerabilities. The diversity of development experiences and initiatives […]
    June 22, 2021

    Informality and the potential for south-south cooperation between BRICS 

    The BRICS are a driving force in the global economy, and the global labour market, representing almost 44 per cent of the word’s labour force. Overall, the BRICS countries (that is Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have seen […]
    June 16, 2021

    South-South Cooperation : DC learning journeys 2021

    “As part of the DC learning journeys, one of the courses covered South-South and triangular cooperation. Here you can find key elements of SSTC, how to prepare a project taking South-South approaches in mind, as well as tips for project […]
    June 7, 2021

    BRICS and ILO factsheet

    The ILO and the BRICS Countries as well as the Civil Society Organisations (CSO), Government and social partners cooperation has actively increased in the recent years. The BRICS have shown that their large, fast-growing economies equip them to facilitate dialogue […]
    June 7, 2021

    Report on the 5th World Forum on Local Economic Development

    The 5th Global Forum was held from 26 to 1 June 2021 virtually due to the pandemic. Organized in Cordoba, Argentina, it addressed issues related to local economic development in the context of the COVID19 crisis, as well as its […]
    May 19, 2021

    5th World Forum of Local Economic Development

    The World Forum of Local Economic Development (WFLED) is an international event held annually to promote international dialogue and share experiences in Local Economic Development (LED), providing the opportunity to transform a global alliance of actors in concrete partnership at […]
    April 16, 2021

    SSTC Skills VFair April 2021 Good Practiced

    April 16, 2021

    South-South SKILLS V FAIR 21-22 April 2021

    Good Practice ES – Google Drive