Promoting Social Justice in the Global South: Global and regional South-South Cooperation good practices

The ILO, alongside its partnership department, initiated 28 South-South and Triangular Cooperation projects across five regions and the ITC-Turin office for 2022-2023. These projects spanned 80+ countries and global activities, emphasizing adaptable, sustainable, and results-driven practices. Funded mainly by the Regular Budget’s development cooperation support, they focused on capacity development for ILO constituents.
Gender Equality, diversity and inclusion in the frame of peer learning has been a cornerstone in our courses, fostering cross-country professional exchanges for creating valuable networks. The documented Good Practices reflect South-South and Triangular Cooperation endeavours by ILO constituents and practitioners.
Activities included peer-learning initiatives, virtual exchanges, joint research, and support for Southern countries. Covering diverse themes like employment services, women’s empowerment, Green Economy, and more, these initiatives aligned with the ILO’s 2022-2023 strategic framework.
South-South Cooperation in the ILO has also delved on the impulse of the ILO constituents and key government groups such as the BRICS, IBSA, G20, G77 and g7+ (group of fragile countries). The interrelationships between them are the assets that allows the ILO to increase its promotion of social justice. Albeit small in scope, these good practices illustrate in practical terms these interconnections.