X Brazil-ILO Review Meeting

Within the framework of the 111th Session of the International Labour Conference, the Emerging and Special Partnerships Unit is organizing the X Brazil-ILO Review Meeting, to be held on June 16, 2023, with the aim of presenting the progress and prospects of joint work between the two parties in the context of cooperation for development and decent work, with special emphasis on South-South and Triangular cooperation.

This appointment will give visibility to Brazil’s commitment to development cooperation and its partnership with the ILO in the fight against child labour, the elimination of forced labour, the promotion of social protection, green jobs, sectoral issues, fundamental principles and rights at work, gender equality and migration.

A special event will take place during this meeting: the launch of the new South-South Cooperation Program 2023-2027 “Social Justice for the Global South” which will be signed by Mr. Gilbert Houngbo, Director General of the ILO and Ambassador Ruy Pereira, Director of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC).

The meeting will be attended by high-level authorities from both the Brazilian government and the ILO. Workers’ and employers’ representatives will also participate, considering the tripartite nature of the ILO.

For more information on the agenda of this meeting, click here.