Online training course “Promoting inclusive infrastructure investments and green works among South and East African countries by enhancing South-South cooperation”

Within the framework of the ILO South-South Cooperation Programme, the online training course “Promoting Inclusive Infrastructure Investments and Green Works among Southern and East African Countries through Enhanced South-South Cooperation” is taking place from 27 February to 2 March 2023.

The objectives of the course are to understand the concepts of South-South cooperation (SSC) modalities green works and forestry works and to explore good practices in the implementation of both areas through peer learning, sharing of good practices and SSC methodologies.

To this end, the training will be conducted through a combination of previously identified SSC good practices, followed by group discussions in which participants will be asked to share solutions and experiences already in place.

During the first session of this course, held on February 27, Joel Alcocer, Director of the Development and Investment Program (DEVINVEST) of the ITC-ILO, highlighted the importance of this activity in order to promote a South-South dialogue among participants who will learn how to identify and develop interventions that reduce the future impact of climate change, while providing employment opportunities.

Anita Amorim, Head of the ILO’s Special and Emerging Partnerships Unit, stressed the importance of South-South cooperation in the areas of green works, climate change and investment in employment, considering that the participants face common problems in this area in their own countries, so this peer-to-peer learning is important to share a very specific know-how that these countries should have on this matter.

Participants are labour practitioners from the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Infrastructure/Ministry of Public Works and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centers in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This training is the first activity that will take place in the framework of the project also called “Promoting Inclusive Infrastructure Investment and Green Works among Southern and East African Countries through Enhanced South-South Cooperation”, which ultimately aims to develop a partnership between the countries involved to further collaborate and share their experiences in the context of a Just Transition towards greener economies.

How to promote South-South and triangular Cooperation in Africa? Well, our student know the answer!

1. Create regional forums and workshops to promote dialogue and cooperation between different stakeholders.

2. Mobilize support from governments, international organizations, civil society, and business leaders to foster South-South cooperation activities in the region.

3. Facilitate exchange of knowledge and experiences between countries of the Global South on effective development strategies.

4. Develop partnerships among universities in different countries to foster research projects and academic exchanges related to issues of importance for the region’s development.

5. Establish mechanisms for financial resource sharing and technical assistance from one country to another in order to help finance development initiatives in the Global South countries are poorer.

6. Invest in initiatives that promote cross-border economic integration within the entire region, including harmonizing regulations, creating a common market, or establishing trading areas or free trade agreements between neighbouring countries.

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