Tripartite Meeting on Labour Migration and Mobility

On 15-17 November 2022 ILO San José hosted the First Tripartite Meeting on Labour Migration and Mobility, with participation from 8 countries: the five Central American countries, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Panama. This was the first in-person tripartite meeting (in any thematic area) held in the region in several years, and an excellent example of social dialogue in practice at both national and regional level, as well as an example of successful collaboration between the Employment and Migrant departments.

Main outcomes:
• Tripartite discussions took place at national level and between countries, resulting in a better understanding of our constituents’ leading role in labour migration governance and socio-economic integration of migrants, refugees and host communities.
• The tripartite delegations adopted conclusions in which they 1) clearly commission the ILO to take the lead in providing assistance on the labour aspects of migration, 2) request the ILO to organise a Second Tripartite Meeting in the next biennium, 3) endorse the ILO Regional Strategy on Labour Migration and Mobility, 4) request ILO to (i) support the development of a Tripartite Plan, and (ii) develop a South-South Cooperation exchange mechanism.
• The participation of Mexico was crucial to the success of this event (with many thanks to Pedro for facilitating this), since Mexico is a crucial player in the migration corridor involving most Central American countries.

Here you can see the Highlights  and Conclusions of the meeting.