United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

During the event organized by APC Colombia to commemorate the UN South-South Cooperation day, the ITC-ILO, represented by Ms Angelica Munoz South South Cooperation Expert, presented a south-south private sector good practice entitled “ARISE‘s engagement with disaster risk reduction in Central America”. The presentation aimed at introducing the leading role of ARISE Mexico in implementing the SENDAI framework for disaster reduction.

ARISE is a network of private sector stakeholders committed to voluntarily aligning their practices with the SENDAI framework, understanding that successful businesses and vulnerable communities are not compatible. Through the network, they aim to increment the private sector’s engagement in the construction of more inclusive, safe and resilient businesses and communities.

During the ITC-ILO intervention, the international framework guiding the work of the office on south-south cooperation was also highlighted:

  • Outcome document of the Nairobi High-level Conference (2009) on South-South cooperation
  • UN Operational Guidelines on SSTC.
  • ILO SSTC Strategy 2012 (ILO-GB) and 2018 (ILO-GB).
  • The Second High-Level Conference on South-South Cooperation (PABA + 40), March 2019

Based on this, the engagement of tripartite partners was highlighted as an essential element for the success of south-south partnerships. Furthermore, participants were encouraged to further enhance and spread the word about the importance of south-south cooperation and strengthen this type of partnership towards finding solutions for arising challenges such as climate change and the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.