Summer School on the Future of Work and South-South Cooperation

From August 12-23, 2019, the ILO is hosting a Summer School on the Future of Work at its International Training Center in Turin. Within its framework, the Summer School will discuss the issue of South-South Cooperation and the potential of South-South Partnerships to promote Decent Work on Wednesday, August 21

The world of work is changing every day, driven by various factors, among them technological innovation, demographics, climate change, and globalization with unprecedented scale, speed, and depth. They are already profoundly reshaping the ways in which people work and live and the next generation should be ready to innovate for the work they deserve. In this regards, the ILO is inviting young people from all over the world for a Summer School and Global Debate on the Future of Work, From August 12-23, 2019, aiming to ignite innovative dialogues, training, capacity building support and knowledge management connected to the Future of Work.

South-South cooperation, as an effective cooperation modality for knowledge and experience sharing, plays an important role in this regard. Future of Work was the focus of the ILO during the Second High-level Conference on South-South Cooperation (BAPA+40) in Buenos Aires, March 2019. During BAPA+40, the ILO and the South Centre organised a side event entitled “The Future of Work, Youth Employment and South-South Cooperation” with a panel discussion revolved around two strategic themes of Youth Employment and the Future of Work. Specifically, the discussion looked into the challenges of young men and women in the changing context of the Future of Work and the potential contribution of South-South Partnership in shaping Decent Work for the next generation

As a continuous effort of the ILO to have a well-rounded discussion on the Future of Work, this 2019 Summer School will also discuss how to harnessing the potential of SSTC to promote decent work. The plenary session will take place on Wednesday, August 21 with the participation of the Emerging and Special Partnerships Unit (ESPU) from ILO Headquarters in Geneva.